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Did You Know

Did You Know


* The Colon is the first organ to fully

   developed in a fetus?

That's why many say that "Life and Death start in the Colon"



* 70 million Americans suffer from digestive diseases

   ranging from Crohn's, Acid Indigestion, Ulcerative

   Colitis, and IBS.


*  50,000 people this year will lose there lives to 

    Colon Cancer.


*  One hundred years ago deaths from digestive 

    disorders were rare.


What Changed the Enviroment of your Colon:


Hurried Lifestyle

Nutrient-Devoid Meals (food on the go)

Tension-Charged Lives

Inadequate Anti-Oxidants

Lack of Exercise

Lack of Water




Take time to care for yourself

Know that you are your best caregiver

When there is tension / Breath

Find foods that you enjoy that are healthy

Go for a walk, take a long bath, and laugh


Life is to short